The furniture around your home is one of the first things you, your family and your visitors see. Whether you are planning a party, and you want all of your upholstery to be clean, or you simply want to make your old furniture look new again, our upholstery cleaning services make the star pieces in your living room—or any room—look new again. Whatever material or whatever type of furniture you have, our chair, sofa, lounge, couch cleaning and complete upholstery cleaning in San Antonio gets your furniture looking beautiful.

Upholstery cleaning can take years off of the appearance of your furniture. We use cleaning solutions approved by the EPA to ensure the dirt comes off without leaving chemical residue, chemical smells or other irritating aftereffects. Pressurized water agitates the dirt caught in the fibers, cleaning solutions lift the dirt away and then a dryer and vacuum removes the dirt from the upholstery. We use patented technology for all our furniture cleaning to ensure the material is not damaged or weakened and the dirt is scrubbed away.

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