Carpet Cleaning Services

When the carpets around your home become dingy or dirty, it brings down the appearance of your entire home. Clean & Green provides professional carpet cleaning in Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio to elevate the appearance of residential carpets and free the space from dirt and dust. Our eco-friendly carpet cleaning service restores the original beauty of your carpet without endangering the space with harsh chemicals.

Our residential carpet cleaning service uses patented technology and EPA approved, environmentally safe solutions to scrub dirt and stains out without harming the carpet. Your carpet will look like new again, whether you have a dark-colored carpet, white carpet, thick carpet, or thin, tight-knit carpet. Our carpet cleaning services include any room in your home, from high-traffic areas like hallways, entryways and living rooms to bedrooms, dining rooms and more. From regular wear-and-tear your vacuum or steam cleaner cannot reach to the tough, stuck-on stains accumulated over the years, our carpet cleaning technology will scrub away all types of discolorations. Our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions will not leave a chemical smell or residue that irritates allergies. After we are finished, you can simply enjoy fresh, clean carpets.

Schedule professional carpet cleaning in San Antonio or anywhere in the Rio Grande Valley today. Give us a call to get a quote. 

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